Seaside Hallway


Coastal areas are habitats for humans and many organisms. The idea of a marine ecology centre aims for coastal regeneration by facilitating research and education to raise awareness to our vulnerable coastal environment and as a catalyst for positive environmental-behavior change. It creates a link between people and the sea to encourage a reciprocal human-natural relationship.

The proposal is situated at Shui Hau in South Lantau Coast, the estuary consists of mangrove, wetland and sand-flat habitats that have a high ecological classification for marine study. To facilitate the research and education of marine conservation, conditioning laboratory and on-site sea plants incubation facilities are designed to support exploration of marine species that is serve the bay’s ecosystem, a variety of learning activities to educate the public, include exhibition and eco-tour that align with the green trail proposed in the Lantau Tomorrow Vision.

The project proposes a public destination between existing nodes along the South Lantau Road, improving the connection of the coastal communities. The architecture responds to the sloping terrain and existing condition of the coastal area. Energy regenerates in the architecture. Hydro energy is generated by gravity from upstream. Re-cultivation activities by harvesting rainwater is introduced as part of the environmental education. The centre is supported by the abundant wind and solar energy harvested at the coast. The architecture introduces a central hallway along cascading terraces that visitors can gain the knowledge about the ocean from the research and learning spaces. It passes through different zones of the coastal landscape, offering an experience of the gradual transition from land to sea.

The Marine Ecology Centre serves as a public space for social and a path to the sea, providing environmental, social, and educational opportunities and revitalizing the coastal area.

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