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Rooftop cultivation is a demonstration project at the School of Architecture, CUHK that promotes green living and sustainable practices on campus. Convened by associate professor Thomas Chung and led by experienced farming professional Chi Fai Fung, the project designs spaces and provisions for various types of urban farming, activates the rooftop as amenity space to enhance social interaction through restorative exercise and recreation and showcases the importance of healthy and mindful eating by increasing carbon-reducing local fresh food production.

The project comprises three components. On one end, the Edible plant garden is a flexible method of promoting the growing of edible plants. Participants are invited to bring their own pots or potted edible plants to plots designated for their use. They are provided with seedlings, soil, basic instructions and weekly monitoring and guided to engage in the cultivating process with other like-minded growers. 

The middle section has seven existing rows given to resident growers to enhance their cultivation skills through weekly monitoring and consultation sessions. At the other end, remaining plots are cultivated as a rooftop farming demo. Dedicated student volunteers learn ways of combining intensive food production with gardening and visual emphasis while regularly attending to the crops.

The project enabled participants to learn about planting, irrigation and composting. Fruits and vegetables grow include lettuce, tomato, Swiss chard, choy sum, cabbage, beetroot, broccoli, zucchini, aubergine, strawberry, fennel, aubergine, carrot and others. Harvest and tasting events every two months gather participants who socialize over the fruits of their labour. In February 2015, a special harvest-cooking event co-organised with Go.Asia invited Vice Chancellor Joseph Sung and media personages Donnie Yen and spouse Cissy Wang to express support for low-carbon lifestyle and local farming practices.

Project data

Location  School of Architecture Rooftop, CUHK

Completion October 2014

Convenor  Thomas Chung

Consultant  Chi Fai Fung, Founding member, SEED (HK)

Collaborator Sophia Au, Amos Chan, Cindy Chan, Ok Chan, Chan Yuk Wah, Shirley Cheung, Chi Xinan, Ho Yuen Ling, Norman Li, Wan Li, Peng Qiang, Sonia So, Elpis Wong, Xia Heng, Kitty Zhou

Supporting Organisations 
CU Green Buddies   , CUHK Agro (中大農業發展組)  

Online media

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