Hakka Craftsmanship Centre

Claudia CHAN

The craftsmanship centre regenerates Pui O through integrating traditional Hakka craftsmanship and promoting Hakka culture through establishing a local economy in Pui O.

I. Rebuild Hakka cultural identity and community
Pui O was the first settlement of the Hakka when they first migrated to South Lantau via the Pearl River Delta from mainland back in 1662. The Hakka family then quickly branched out to different villages in South Lantau in the later years and has developed a strong Hakka culture in South Lantau. The cultural identity of the Hakka indigenous villagers started to fade due to decrease in population and urbanization which has fostered villagers to leave Pui O and move to urban areas. The craftsmanship centre aims to regenerate the village through reconnecting the community through the making and crafting process of traditional Hakka crafts.

II. Regenerate abandoned farmland as productive landscape
The project regenerates abandoned farmland in Pui O into productive landscapes through planting indigo and bamboo that provides the raw materials for crafting at the craftsmanship centre. Pui O is a place that has rich ecological value that nurtures diversity of species which has strong affiliation with villager’s livelihood. Selling crops harvested from paddy fields used to be the main source of income for the villagers, however the villagers stopped farming due to urbanization followed by a drastic decrease in population of indigenous Hakka villagers.

III. Revive traditional Hakka craftsmanship
The making of Hakka craftswork represents the cultural identity of the Hakka whereas they make craftworks that associates with their traditional customs and rituals for example bamboo weaved Kirin. Through reintroducing traditional Hakka craftsmanship to the village, the workshop spaces becomes the new communal ground for villagers to gather and to craft, at the same time encouraging visitors to visit and to know more about the history of Pui O through participating in crafting workshops.

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