Future Education Hub

Dannia WONG

An upcycling school is proposed as a new communal and education center in Pui O. Apart from turning waste into outdoor furniture with local identities, the school aims to bring people together by retrieving a ‘community notion’ of school and involving everyone’s contributions in shaping the place.

Pui O is a peaceful place with vivid cultures locating in Lantau South. Though rapid development in recent years is posing challenges on the village culture and cohesion. A trend of diminishing connections among people and among people and the nature is observed through research on open space and Bui O Public School, a former local village school in Pui O.

Given the worsening solid waste problem and the ubiquitous DIY outdoor furniture in the rural settings, upcycling could be an opportunity that best fits Pui O to relieve waste problem and bring people together.

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