Ecology Machine

Kenny Cheung

Ecology Machine is the concept of a self-sustaining floating island that combining humans, ecology and renewable energy to create a self-sustaining community and providing economic gain for the people.

There are mainly two treats in Pui O 1) demographic challenges and 2) environmental problems. Furthermore, the living style is also changing in Pui O from dominated by farming to hybrid living without regulation and planning which further destroying the natural environment. Therefore, Ecology Machine aims to bring back the balance between humans and nature.

Exploring the possibility of putting all these aspects into one. Providing space for humans and benefiting the environment at the same time. The framework finally forms a self-sustain cycle.

The researches on history, structure and construction of seastanding architecture become the basis of building the self-sustaining island in Pui O. Also, the experiment is conducted and proved that man-made floating the structure can become the habitat of the animals. The ecology machine in Pui O is divided into mainly two phases. 1st Phase aims to promote this concept to the villagers and getting ready for the future population growth in Pui O. Some greenhouse will be constructed for villagers for producing their crops and sell them for making revenues. With the help of advanced building technology, the greenhouses and farmland are further extended to the sandflat area by using the floating platform. Therefore, the land can be free up for building houses or shops. 2nd phase is using the same concept with 1st phase but on a larger scale and the ultimate goal is to form a self-sustaining community in Pui O to encourage this self to sustain living style in Pui O. any possibilities to build a self sustain floating island in Hong Kong?

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